001: My Haunted Childhood – The Ghost Story That Follows Me

What do you do when the ghost that haunted your childhood home follows you to your new house halfway across the country? That is exactly what happened to the person in tonight’s true ghost story.

I was home alone. And I heard a violin playing and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from…

RYAN AZEVEDO: So what do you do when your mom takes you to an unmarked grave…in a soccer field… at a church?!? Then tells you that this is where the body of the person that haunts our house is buried. That is exactly what happened to the person you’re about to meet. Welcome to my haunted childhood.

KELLY: All right, well, my name is Kelly. I am from Michigan. So I grew up in a haunted house. Well, I grew up in a house that ended up being haunted. It was built in 1836. It is the fifth oldest house in the town that I grew up in. Yeah, so it’s an old Victorian built in 1836. It’s an old white farmhouse mansion. And when my parents went to look at the house in the 80s, the people who were showing them the house, were warning them the whole time about John, this, John that Oh, sometimes John likes to open doors, oh, you know, sometimes blah, blah. And, and the whole time, they’re like, what, there’s a ghost here like this is, you know, they’re half believing it half not, and the person showing them the house, you know, saying that John is the original owner of the house. And he still resides there. And so they didn’t really take it seriously, they bought the house. And it was very hard to sneak around as a kid because the floors were very loud. Sometimes if the wind blew really hard, you’d kind of hear like our you know, like, the house was kind of like, Let’s go in.

There are definitely times I felt weird presences. But my mom always did one day come home from school. And she was like, Kelly, the weirdest thing happened. I was like, what and she was like, I was home alone. And I heard a violin playing and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. And I was like, okay, that’s weird mom, you know, maybe like lonely housewife syndrome, who knows what’s going on there. So I didn’t really take it seriously. But my mom always would talk about John and she always was was going off about something new, relating to John, and she would me and her would go on dog walks together. And she would always take me to this area behind the house that was past the property line. It was a church parking lot, or I’m sorry, a church soccer field with a stone towards the property. And she would take me there. And she’d always say, I think John is buried here. And of course, I mean, it was just an unmarked stone in the ground. And so I never really thought anything of it.

So it’s 2008. My parents are selling the house. And they sell the house to a developer who only wants the waterfront property. And so he let my parents know that he was going to move the house. And so my mom was really upset about this, that the house was going to be taken off of the property and move somewhere. Because again, she had that really strong connection with John and she knew that John would be upset about it. And so one night, she goes out into the dark, and calls out to John and she’s like, John, I’m so sorry. I never, we never wanted this to happen. We’re so sorry that your house is going to get moved. And as she’s calling out to him, she saw a shadow pass in front of her of a tall man. And she heard a voice. And it said, I’m not mad. I’m just sad. But I’m gonna make sure nobody’s ever happy here.

So then fast forward to 2017. I am living in an art farm in North Carolina, and living with a bunch of people. And there was this one woman who lived there named Leanne, and she, one night literally, we’re just hanging out in the living room and she looks at me and she’s like, Kelly, I have a secret. And I was like, what? And she was like, I see dead people. Like she literally said, I see dead people. And I was like, Okay, well, I grew up in a haunted house. And she said, Don’t tell me any information about it. If you want me to try to contact the Spirit in your childhood home, all I need is pictures. And so I said, Okay, so I get on my computer. And I pull up a picture of the house from 2008. I then pulled up or I bought the history book on the town that I was raised in, you know, those like sabia history books, you know, in in pharmacies that tell all about the surrounding towns, well, there’s one that is on the, the town I’m from. So I bought that book. Well, I bought that book because there’s history on the house in that book, because it’s the fifth oldest house in the town. And so then I also pull up the Google Maps image of the vacant property. Mind you, it’s 2017, the property has remained vacant for nearly 10 years at that point, and then I pull up the Google Maps image of where the house is now. And so I invite Leann into my room, at this point, the story always kind of start to shake.

So if you hear me chattering, it’s just it’s just what always what happens. So yeah, I have the laptop. And I say, all right, What picture do you want to see first, and she says, the one where your family still lived in the house, because that way, I’ll have more of a connection with everything. And so I pull that up, she closes her eyes, she puts her hands over the picture. She opens her eyes. And she goes, there he is. And she points at my what was my parents bedroom, and she says, He died in this room. Yeah, and then she goes on to give a physical description of him. She said, he has high cheekbones, slug and, and cheeks, a long beard is very narrow shoulders. And then she goes on to say. She literally said, quote, unquote, he’s telling me, I’m not mad. I’m just sad. Which is literally the same exact thing. My mom told me in 2008, he stayed behind because he was a family man, he loved the house, he feels he feels like he passed on too early. And that’s why he stayed behind. He just loved for the house.

So here’s a pretty friendly ghost at the time, because what can happen is, spirits can change from beyond the realm. So maybe they originally were, you know, nice and content and everything was fine. And they just stayed behind for, you know, more or less docile reasons. But depending on what happens in the physical world, their their thoughts and moods can change. She goes on to say, she starts getting really confused. And she’s like, I can’t understand his accent. He’s telling me something MC, Mac, Mac, Mac, I don’t understand. And I’m writing everything down. So then we flip open the history book, and start going through the history of the house. And there’s a picture of John to the exact description that she gave high cheekbones, sunken, and cheeks, Long Beard, narrower shoulders. So then we’re I’m reading through the history. And turns out turns out John was married to Katherine Macomb. And Macomb is a very, it’s a well known name back in Michigan, where I’m from, there’s a Macomb County, Macomb streets, all sorts of things. And so I figured that when Lee was saying, I don’t understand this accent MC MAC MAC MAC, that John was trying to tell her about Catherine McComb. So yeah, that happens.

So then we go to the the next image I pull up is the empty property where the house was moved from. And she’s looking at the property and she goes scroll up. And so I’m scrolling up and she’s like, No Pass the property line. So I go past the property line. And she goes, zoom in right here. And she’s pointing at this little gray.in, the middle of the soccer field, and she goes, that’s where he’s buried. Which is the exact same spot where my mom would take me and tell me, I think John is buried here. So then I show her the image of where the house is now. And she got really quiet. And the energy changed.

You know, before during the reading, she’s just kind of like giving me all this information straightforward. And then when I showed her where the house is now, she just got very quiet and she got this very concerned look on her face. And she said, Ooh, he’s not happy things are not good. And then she had to stop the reading. And she’s she said I can’t do this. I can’t go on with this any any more. I have to go to bed. And at this point, it’s like one of them. Morning. So she goes to bed she sleeps for about 16 hours.

So I hit up. Chrissy is her name. She’s the girl who I went to high school with whose family still lives in the house. So I messaged her on Facebook, I’m like, Hey, how’s the house doing? Long time no talk. It’s been about 10 years. And she said, Oh, man, things are, are still really crazy at the house. She said, there’s certain rooms that they can’t go through without screaming into the air ” hey ghost Leave me alone,” they just call it ghost. This one night, her friend’s brother was staying the night one night and came running into her parents room. Screaming, there’s a tall man sitting on the couch. And they go downstairs to look and there’s nobody there.

So when I heard that tall man sitting on the couch, I’m thinking, Okay, John is there and he’s, you know, showing himself what year was it? Man, I want to say 2018 or 19. So this was after Leann had communicated with John, and I’m with my parents, and they’re getting old. So I just want to help them out, I want to help them like clean their house and clean out the basement, there’s still like boxes that they haven’t unpacked. And so I thought something really nice to do for them would be to go through all the pictures and put them in a photo album, I’m going through the pictures of from my childhood. And in some of the pictures, there are like, double helix structures, like behind me as a child, or like that’s the picture I most remember remembered. But there were other pictures too, that had weird like little orbs in them or other like double helix structures, but it’s just so crazy.

I just feel like throughout my life, like little pieces of the puzzle, keep getting put on me, without me even really trying to 2023 It’s still vacant. It’s the only vacant property on that road. And it’s waterfront property. So it’s very valuable. The community has a lot of money. So there’s no there’s really no reason that there shouldn’t be any development on there. And I’ve looked up like the history of like, the real estate history of that property, and it just keeps getting changed. Like people just the hands keep changing. You know, people just buy it, sit on it, sell it, buy it, sell it, sell it. So who really knows what goes down once people buy that property maybe that’ll be my next little bit of research.

You know, before all this I kind of took I kind of took ghost stories very like nonchalantly like, oh, that’s scary. Ooh, funny. Oh, that’ll make you know, a great joke one day but but when I encountered Leanne, and the way she works, ever, all of that changed for me. And I realized that ghosts and spirits are really just us. They’re human souls that stayed behind for a certain reason. John is the reason I believe in the afterlife. John is the reason I believe that there is more to this reality than just our flesh and blood stuck to the earth by gravity. Even growing up in that house, and having all those experiences I was still kind of a skeptic. But when Leann contacted John and and all those synchronicities met up, it was just an unquestionable fact for me in my world of reality that there is so much more going on than we than meets the eye.

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