The Shocking Truth About Terrifying True Stories…

Are you afraid of the dark? You should be. Terrifying True Stories features real ghost stories, truly haunted places, and creepy paranormal experiences told by the actual person who lived through it! You’ll be transported to an immersive world of evil spirits, supernatural creatures, and true horror. These are more than just “scary stories.” These stories will haunt your dreams. For a more extreme experience, listen with the lights off.

Terrified True Stories is hosted by award-winning documentary filmmaker Ryan Azevedo. Ryan has visited haunted locations in over 47 American states, 13 countries and spent 6 seasons working with the top rated haunted attraction in America (Rein of Terror). He is also the author of the controversial children’s book, ‘The Hungry Clowns,’ which has terrified children around the world in addition to being both banned and burned.